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  • Variable tariff


  • Can be cancelled daily
  • Pay true energy costs
  • No customer service via phone
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  • Variable tariff


  • Can be canceld monthly
  • Combination discount possible
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  • Variable tariff


  • Renewable electricity
  • Slow customer service
  • Low feed-in tariff solar energy
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  • Variable tariff


  • Gratis bespaaradvies op maat


  • Can be cancelled monthly
  • 2 million customers
  • Green energy from the Netherlands
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  • Variable tariff


  • Can be canceled daily
  • 100% green energy
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  • Variable tariff


  • Can be cancelled monthly
  • High feed-in tariff
  • No online application possible
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Why should you use us?


Independent information

Independent comparison of the most popular companies in The Netherlands for gas and electricity.


Easy and safe switching

Finding the best energy prices is easy. Switching to another provider takes only 5 minutes.


Supported by experts

Questions? Our website is supported by energy experts. We help you find the best energy provider.


Guaranteed 14-day refund 

You may always cancel your new energy contract within 14 days after you have applied. At no cost!

Energy comparison Netherlands

When you move to The Netherlands you are obligated to arrange a gas and electricity connection for your household. Luckily, finding a suitable energy company and energy contract is not that difficult. We help you make a good comparison so you can minimise your utility bill.

But maybe you are already living in Holland? In that case it is smart to see which energy provider offers the lowest prices so you can switch to a cheaper supplier.

What is wise in 2022?

1. Do you need a new energy contract or do you currently have a flexible contract?

Then we recommend comparing energy prices online to see which energy provider is cheapest at this moment and make the switch.

Find the best deals

2. Do your currently have a energy contract with fixed prices from 2021 or before?

Then we don’t recommend switching to another energy provider. Stay put until your energy contract ends. The best comparison site?

How to find the best energy contract

Step by step:


Fill in your energy usage

In order to make a good price comparison we recommend you fill in your estimated consumption as accurately as possible. This way you get the clearest picture of what you will pay per month for gas and electricity.

Don’t you know how high your consumption will be?

Then it is smart to look at your previous energy bill of your house, for example by asking the previous owner.


Compare prices and features

Of course, price is most important but be sure to also take a look at the features, pros and cons.

Ask yourself:

  • Does this energy provider provide renewable energy?
  • Can I cancel by contract at any given time?
  • How do other people rate this energy company?
  • Is there any special deal offered?

Claim your deal

The offers and deals offered on your website are temporary. So it is important to act swiftly and claim your deal. Prices and benefits could be different by next week.

If you have find a plan that you like:

  • Click on the ‘View deal’ button to proceed
  • You will be forwarded to the energy provider
  • Fill in your details on the provider’s website
  • Check the price and claim your deal

Energy companies in The Netherlands

Although, we provide only a selection of the best and most popular energy providers, there are many more options out there.

Therefore, we have made a comprehensive page that gives you a broad overview of all available energy companies in The Netherlands.

Check all Dutch energy suppliers

Good to know

The energy prices are rising to new records in 2022. So many people try to save on their energy bill.

Investing in solar energy, home insulation or a heat pump is one way to go.

Or read about our 101 tips to save energy.

A few hacks

  1. With most energy contracts nowadays, you can switch to another provider every month.
  2. If you have solar panels, choose a supplier with a high feed-in-tariff.
  3. Get a smart meter to profit from reduced night rates.

Save on your energy bill

With so many gas and electricity providers out there. The question is which one will truly help you save on your energy costs.

This is where we come in.

We offer:

  • A fast and independent comparison, tailored to your needs
  • Exclusive discounts and special offers
  • Experts that will help you save money
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Who are we?

Energievergelijk is an independent, online information platform for the Dutch energy sector. We aim to support consumers and companies through knowledge sharing and promotion in the field of sustainable energy, rules & regulations, energy saving and more.