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Price per year

The prices are based on a consumption of 2930 kWh (electricity) and 1300 m3 (gas)

More info about the Dutch energy market

Finding an energy supplier

When you move to The Netherlands you will need to arrange your gas and electricity connection. Finding a suitable utility company (energy supplier) and energy contract is not that difficult.

Energievergelijk offers an independent comparison tool to help you with this. We also provide expats and students with advice and answers regarding the energy market in The Netherlands.

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Renewable energy

The world as we know it today still relies heavily on traditional energy sources, such as oil, coal and gas. These resources, however, are finite. Hence, we must do something to change to a sustainable environment.

Switching to renewable energy is part of the solution. House owners can start to utilize renewable energy sources by switching to a new energy contract. Our comparison tool will help you with this process.

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Climate change

Climate change is a key issue within the energy business. The Dutch government has taken action to reduce the effects of climate change by reducing CO2-emmissions and switching to renewable energy.

If you own or rent a house you can also take part in the transition to a sustainable environment by choosing a green energy contract or by installing solar panels on your roof.

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